JPS-Scale the Heights


534, G-1, Johar Town Lahore

08:00 AM - 03:00 PM

Monday to Saturday




The School tries to instill a sense of self-discipline and pride in achievement. Partly in the interests of safety and security, there are a few basic School Rules. By accepting a place for their son or daughter, parents undertake that the pupil will be subject to these. The Principal has the right to require parents to remove a pupil from the School if the pupil’s conduct or general attitude makes this desirable in the best interests of either the School or the pupil.


Entrance scholarships may be available for candidates who demonstrate excellence in academic work, sport, music, drama or any other recognised field. Accounts office shall be available to help with the academic scholarship or discounted fees (as the case may be). Details of these awards are available from the Admissions Officer.


Uniform requirements are indicated on the School Clothing Lists. The listed shops stocks and sells uniform items. Adherence to the uniform regulations and compliance with the requirement that pupils look smartt, decent and serve generally in their appearance (which includes hair-style) as good ambassadors for the School is considered very important.


A month’s notice is required, in writing, before a pupil is withdrawn from the School and should be received by the Principal. In default of such notice the fees will be charged and school-leaving certificate will not be issued.


The School operates on a very reasonable and affordable fee structure. A detail of the fees for each class is available at the accounts office.
Fees are collected on a monthly basis and the due date for the payment of the tuition fees is the 10th of each month.
Late fee is charged a fine of Rs. 50/day. If a pupil’s fee goes more than 3 weeks in default, his/her name will be struck off from the school rolls.